Alice Saddy was a woman well known in London for her volunteer work assisting adults with disabilities. When she passed away in her early forties, a committee from her church, St. Peter's Basilica, was formed to find a way to honour her memory. A donation fund was established that enabled an "apartment training" program for people with developmental disabilities. This organization eventually became know as the Alice Saddy Association.

The Alice Saddy Association´s first home at 302 Wolfe Street was opened in November 1973. The original concept was to teach daily living skills that would enable people to live independently. Eventually, as the new concept was proven to work, the Ministry of Community & Social Services took over responsibility for funding.

Early in 1976, the Supported Independent Living program was established to assist people in their own apartments. By 1980, there were nine people living at 302 Wolfe St. and 15 people were living on their own with support.