The Alice Saddy Association believes that all persons have the right to be respected as valued members of their communities and that all people must:

  • Have the opportunity to be active, contributing members of their communities,
  • Be recognized as individuals capable of making unique and valued contributions,
  • Have the opportunity to take responsibility for themselves,
  • Have the opportunity to develop skills and/or be provided with supports that enable them to live in an independent or shared environment of their choosing.

We believe that mutual respect enhances every person's sense of self-worth and equality, and that the uniqueness of every person is something to be celebrated, supported and acknowledged. We also believe that this celebration of the individual benefits the whole community.

Our philosophy inspires our principles of service:

  1. We believe in the ability of individuals to make their own decisions.
  2. We believe that the individual has the right to request support and advocacy from family/friends throughout their lifetime without interference from our agency.
  3. We believe in the development of a community that is interdependent and mutually supportive of all of its members.
  4. We believe that individuals have the right to participate in determining the supports required to meet their needs.
  5. We believe that individuals have a right to access supports that provide them with equal opportunity to live as other members of their community live.