Hi everyone! My name is Bill. Some of my interests include sci-fi films, riding my bike, watching baseball and spending time on my personal computer. I am currently on the Board of Directors with The Alice Saddy Association. I enjoy being a part of the planning process with Alice Saddy. I was involved in the planning committee for the Alice Saddy Association’s 40th anniversary. The Alice Saddy Association family has given me many opportunities in my life. I went on a cruise to the Bahamas with staff and my peers. I enjoy attending the yearly Falls Color Tour with Alice. I have been with Alice Saddy for 40 years. I have seen many changes over the years, but what never changes is the friendly feeling from everyone. I feel as if the staff members at Alice Saddy are looking out for my best interest. So to sum up my experience with Alice Saddy I would have to say a feeling of belonging.


Hi my name is Jim. I have been supported by The Alice Saddy Association for 18 years. I was an Alice Saddy board member for 10 years. Some of my interests include painting and drawing. I am inspired by the Canadian painters: The Group of Seven. I enjoy painting landscapes. I am also an entrepreneur. I have my own business called “Happy Tails” Cat-Sitting. I also walk dogs in my spare time. I guess you could call me an animal lover. I love to travel. Some of the trips I have been on are the yearly Falls Color Tour, and summer trips to the cottage with Alice Saddy staff and my peers. My dream is to visit Las Vegas in 2014 with friends and staff. What I like most about The Alice Saddy Association is that it feels like a big family who cares about the people that it supports. I feel accepted and understood by staff and when I need something staff are there for me. I look forward to many years to come. Alice Saddy is the best!

Ralph's Life

Ralph was born in St. Thomas, Ontario on March 2, 1944. He was the youngest sibling of four kids. Ralph's family later moved to London where he lived near McHardy Vacuums and Tony's Pizza. Ralph got to be great friends with the owners and their families of both locations.

Ralph's fondest memories of his childhood, was driving the "Red" truck as he sat on his fathers lap and helping him at his work sites. After Ralph's father passed away, he moved into Wolfe Street where he worked at CLL and later, got a job at Mother's Pizza.

Ralph's long time goal was to live on his own. He moved to Trevithen Street and later to different apartments around the London area making friends wherever he went. Ralph would frequently be found at in the local coffee shops having coffee and chatting.

Ralph in considered quite a ladies man and will usually charm any lady he meets. He enjoys Elvis's music, going to bingo, parties and occasionally having a beer or two. Currently Ralph is residing at Kensington Village and acts as part of the welcoming committee to new residents and their families.

Therese and Nora, Gerry's sisters

Our first impression of the Alice Saddy Association was favourable and right on. We first met Barb at our brother Gerry's care conference. We were so impressed by Barb especially when she looked, listened and addressed Gerry's needs. Barb was very respectful to Gerry. The Alice Saddy Association are very sensible and practical with their approach for Gerry. Not only do they listen and follow up with his wishes, they are consistent, respectful and set reasonable boundaries which gives Gerry a sense of security. We are so happy with the unbelievable supports not only to Gerry but to us, his sisters who do not live in the London area. We just can't say enough. Thank you for all that you do!


Steven is proud of what he has accomplished and the life he leads. He participates in many activities including drawing, collective kitchen, working out at the Y, and working with his community at the First Christian Reform Church.

"My life is good," says Steven. "Sometimes I get down because I have leg problems, but being with my friends reminds me that my life is good. Overall, I´m very happy with my life."


Born with cerebral palsy, Caren learned to walk with braces when she was two, but most of her life she has used a wheelchair.

After 17 years at home followed by 17 years at a chronic care hospital in Toronto, Caren longed for more freedom. She spent six months of training in independent living at the Gage Institute in Toronto and moved into her own apartment in London in 1995.

"I have learned many skills to make things easier, and I spend more time in the community," says Caren. "A few years ago I went to Florida on a vacation, which was great. Now I want to travel more, perhaps to Jamaica."


Bernice lived on the family farm in Thorndale with her Dad until he passed away in 1989. She moved to her trailer in 1991 where she has been at the heart of her community ever since.

She has had to learn to keep house, cook for herself and how to count and use money. In her spare time, she loves to scrapbook, cork, work on puzzles and watch old TV shows.

Bernice traces her love of the country back to her youth on the farm; and with the daily support and friendship of those who live around her, she hopes to continue to enjoy the country from the home she has made in Thorndale for a long time to come.

What has the Alice Saddy Association done for you?
  • "Alice Saddy Association gave me my independence"
  • "Alice Saddy Association helped me learn how to use the bus"
  • "Alice Saddy Association helped me learn how to budget, they help be get groceries, and get involved"
  • "Alice Saddy Association has helped me make new friends"
    – Rob Ryan
  • "Alice Saddy Association helps me with my shopping, making friends and they help get me involved with my community"
    – Jim West
  • "Alice Saddy Association has helped me make decisions"
    – Chester Ziolo
  • "Alice Saddy Association has taught me how to cook"
    – Alyssa Easton
  • "Alice Saddy Association teaches me to deal with my anger in different ways"
    – Jessica Thwaites
How does support from Alice Saddy make you feel?
  • "Independent"
  • "Helped"
  • "live on my own"
  • "believe in myself"
  • "Happy"
  • "I feel strong"
  • "I can say what I feel"
  • "I can make my own decisions"
  • "I feel more responsible for myself and others"
  • "friendship – long lasting friendship"
  • "I can be honest"
  • "Trusted"