Did you know?

There is the perception among the community that when you are part of the social service community that the government pays for everything.


Many of the people we support live below the poverty line. While government assistance pays for basic living expenses, there are many opportunities that those we support may never get to experience, just because of a lack of funds.

Also, the government makes it difficult for people to rise out of poverty, as most money they earn or receive, whether it be through employment, or large gift, ends up directly affecting how much government assistance is received.

When you donate to Alice Saddy Association, you are helping to create “the good life” that those we support dream of, whether it’s making their home a comfortable place to live, fulfilling the goal of visiting a far-away place, or even taking a class to improve their life skills.

Any amount can help to make a difference in someone’s life!

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If you would prefer to mail a cheque, please send it to:

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