How Do I Apply For Support?

How Do I Apply For Support?

Developmental Services Ontario LogoAlice Saddy Association is a partner of Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) and all applications for support are handled through them. This support is funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS).

The DSO will confirm eligibility for support, ensuring each person meets certain criteria such as age of onset, Ontario residency as well as complete a psychological assessment.

Once a person is deemed eligible for support and services, an application package will be filled out with the DSO’s assistance over two meetings. This allows the DSO to better know and understand the person applying for support to ensure a good fit  with a support agency.  The DSO keeps track of which agencies have availability as well as their “areas of expertise.” For example, one agency over another may be better equipped to support an individual who has high medical or behavioural need.

Throughout the application process, the DSO will provide information on community programs and supports that are open to everyone, financial assistance through the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and other resources.

It is important to recognize that there are waiting lists for many supports and services funded through the MCSS, especially for residential or community participation supports. Developmental Services Ontario tries to prioritize requests based on need and individual circumstances in order to meet the need as soon as possible.

Click here for detailed information on the application process through Developmental Services Ontario. 

Developmental Services Ontario South West Region serves London-Middlesex. Contact them directly to start the application process.