My Story

Brian McKnight is featured in this video.

Brian M

Click to see a short video about Brian McKnight, who is supported by Alice Saddy.  

Gerry Waller is highlighted in this video.


Click to see a short video about Gerry Waller, who is supported by Alice Saddy.

Elsie in her new apartment with her bird, Jake.

Elsie – My Move

I was very unhappy. I was living in an apartment where I felt scared. I told my staff that I was uncomfortable staying there. My staff took action. They helped me look for a new home. Once I found a new home, Alice Saddy Association helped me call the movers and pick up boxes so I could start packing. Alice Saddy brought me to my new apartment to take a look at my new home. My staff helped me move my bird, Jake. My staff helped me set up my new apartment. Jake and I are very happy in our new hom

Wanda Litwiller, Board Secretary


I moved in to Alice Saddy Association housing in 1980 where I learned how to do budgeting, cleaning , grocery shopping, laundry and how to be on my own. I have been on my own since 1982. I am on the Alice Saddy board of directors where I am on the executive as secretary of the board and am also a life time member of the Association. At Alice Saddy, I help with the monthly calendar of the Grosvenor Community Room (GCR) and I also co-chair the steering committee meeting at the GCR. I al

Alyssa graduating from Fanshawe College


Congratulations go to Alyssa Easton who, this June, became part of the first graduating class from Fanshawe College's Community Integration through Cooperative Education (CICE) program! Way to go, Alyssa! This two-year program involves a modified interview as part of the entrance requirement, after which Alyssa found herself partaking of 2 ECE (Early Childhood Education) classes as well as 3 CICE courses, wherein she learned such skills as dressing for interviews and time management. Her f

My Story, Meet Brian!

Brian Y

Brian has lived at Allen Place for the last few years and is very connected in London. He enjoys volunteering at Hutton House and is also very active with the Canadian Council of the Blind. He is a huge Disney fan and can talk at length on this subject! At election time, he can be found going door-to-door for his favourite candidate and he is also very mindful of peoples' rights. Brian is very knowledgeable with computers, loves gaming, and can very often be found assisting or advising