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From Bud's DeskIt’s been another busy year for all of us involved with the Alice Saddy Association. In fact, it has now been five years since I began my employment with this great organization. Looking back, we have made steady progress in moving toward a positive set of common goals. Our Vision, Mission and Values which were created with input from people supported, families, volunteer board members and employees creates a solid map for our direction as well as how we treat one another along the way. At one point this past year, during a bit of a challenging conversation with an advocate for someone we support, it was suggested that our vision and mission are just a piece of paper…gobbley gook… As I expressed in response, I don’t believe that is correct.  For example, one of our employees was making a presentation to our Board of Directors and in the process pulled out that piece of paper that contains our Vision, Mission and Values and it was tattered and well-worn from use. All of our stakeholders had a hand in crafting that piece of paper and from what I can see we have a very high level of “buy in”.

Being on the same page creates a solid starting place for the many challenges that go along with our work together. This year we were challenged with implementing changes resulting from the Employment Standards Act with Bill 148. In the process we were able to meet our Pay Equity obligations for all of our direct support employees.

“Our Vision, Mission, Values …creates a solid map for our direction,
as well has how we treat one another along the way.”

We are also in the process of revising our employee benefit plan to be more equitable to part-time employees as well as to increase flexibility. We have continued our succession planning for both employees and our volunteer board of directors. We have also been continuing to build our partnership in collaboration with Community Living St.Marys and Area and Ingersoll Support Services. This work has strengthened our agency.

We continue to invest in education and training for our employees to help ensure that our supports are of the highest quality and are providing people that we support with empowered choice as we work together to find the good life as full members in our community.

I wish to express gratitude to all the efforts from our employees and volunteers for our accomplishments this past year. I know that many go the extra mile as we continue to strive to be an organization of excellence.

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