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From Bud's Desk Holiday Edition

Welcome to our Fall/Winter newsletter for 2020. I truly wish that this update could be about something other than the pandemic but…

First of all, I want to acknowledge the contributions of people that we support for helping to keep themselves, our workers and community safe. This has been a very difficult time for many people who have had limited alternative ways of being connected to their friends, family and community. People have demonstrated great patience under the circumstances which meant limiting vacations and community events and outings.

But, people we support, just like anyone else have been learning new skills such as using tablets, computers and phones to stay connected to others and to connect with virtual events and activities. More people are using the internet. Over forty people that we support have been able to acquire some form of tablet or computer through the temporary funding flexibility of their Passport program.

Secondly, I want to acknowledge the dedication and creativity of our valuable employees. Our service has been deemed essential by the Government of Ontario during this period. Our brave employees have continued to provide high quality supports during this time while helping people that we support to overcome anxiety and loneliness. Our employees have had to overcome their own anxieties around the risk during this time and are to be commended.

Family members of people we support have also been so cooperative and supportive. There have been restrictions on visiting imposed by the Emergency Orders which have been met with understanding by families.

We’ve all worked together to keep people safe and at this time have had no incidents of a positive COVID-19 infection.

Supporting community inclusion is the pinnacle of the work of Alice Saddy Association and it is sadly ironic that this is the very casualty of this pandemic.

There are many learnings to be had as a result of these circumstances and we have many examples of ways that have been found to be better than the ways of the past.

I have learned more from people we have supported over the years about patience and seeing the positive side of things than I can remember. That is my lesson through this and will be my thought through the upcoming Holiday Season.

We truly are all in this together.

Best wishes for the Holiday Season.


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