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From Bud's Desk Holiday EditionThere are many issues involved with managing a not-for-profit organization that do not appear to relate directly to making better lives for people using our supports. I’ve often been told that ‘you must have great patience’ working in this field. Well, I can tell you that the patience gets tested by the administrative requirements of dealing with government regulations and not by the people that we support. You can ask almost anyone working in the fields of supporting vulnerable people and you will hear stories of determination and triumph and joy.

The administrative aspects, not so much…

Yet the administration is vital to delivering quality supports. Supporting a workforce to be healthy and happy and fulfilled in their work goes hand in hand with people receiving supports that result in a good quality of life.

At Alice Saddy Association we work hard to live up to our stated Vision, Mission and Values across all aspects of our organization.

This year, we implemented a revised employee benefit plan that is much more flexible. We updated the by-laws of our corporation to be compliant with the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and we completed our Pay Equity Plan in accordance with Ontario Ministry of Labour.

We also provided considerable amounts of training for our employees to help them to deliver better supports. When we hire new employees we try to find the very best workers who believe in our vision. We also work to match the interest and skills of the workers to the individual needs of people supported.

When it all comes down to it, there is great satisfaction in seeing the success and happiness of people that we support living successful lives in their community and to know that the people providing their direct supports are working for an organization that cares about their needs as well.

This is a great place to work, and I believe, a great agency to provide your supports.

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