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As you know, we have been gathering feedback and input from all stakeholders of Alice Saddy to aid in the setting of the strategic directions for the next few years.  This has involved meetings with all staff, Board, people supported and their families.  The feedback has been tremendously positive, and the strategic directions point the agency to continue in the direction it has been going with even more intention.

The report has been prepared and presented to management staff, the Board and at the all staff meetings.  A presentation will also be made at the Living the Dream sessions held in the spring.

As always, the individuals supported need to remain at the centre of the work that we do.   There are five specific areas that the agency will be focusing more attention on over the next few years:

  • Increase the number of employment and volunteering opportunities
  • Increase the opportunities for meaningful participation in the community
  • Increase the number of opportunities for life long learning
  • Increase community knowledge and understanding
  • Increase the number of decisions made by the individual being supported

We have already started to implement some of these directions with our involvement with the London Literacy Network and with our Ontario Trillium Foundation grant intended to explore employment opportunities.  The Ontario Disability Employment Network will be providing some educational opportunities for staff in the spring so stay tuned for that.

 – Sheila Simpson

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