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News & Resources > Temporary Changes to Passport Funding – new Allowable Expenses

Developmental Services of Ontario logoPassport funding is a Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) initiative designed to facilitate community participation, caregiver respite, activities of daily living and person-directed planning.

For the last 10 months, due to COVID-19, most community-based activities have been suspended for all of us and subsequently there have been temporary changes made to Passport’s eligibility criteria for allowable expenses. These changes aim to provide people with more flexibility around how they can use their Passport funding to support activities at home while we stay safe and physically distance from one another. These changes came into effect in April 2020.

Passport funding can now be used for these types of expenses:

  • Technology products that support e-learning and other activities (e.g. laptop, tablet);
  • Other technology items such as PS5, television, headphones and Fit Bit;
  • Monthly data or internet costs, as well as yearly memberships for online subscription services. Note – cancellation fees and/ or renewal fees will not be reimbursed for the above.
  • Cable bills;
  • Sensory items (these can be purchased from any source);
  • Arts and crafts items, such as puzzles, knitting materials and Cricut maker;
  • Activities and products that support home-based recreation and fitness activities that are usually accessed through day programs and other community-based programs;
  • Supplies that support home-based physical activity and fitness, such as yoga mat, basketball net, and badminton set. Other physical fitness supplies such as bicycle, walking poles.
  • Personal protective equipment and supplies;
  • Essential service delivery fees, such as for groceries and medication;
  • Virtual support from a worker (Telephone, zoom, FaceTime etc…);
  • Behavioural support plans and related interventions will be considered.

What is not admissible?

Here are some things that are definitely not allowed:

  • Gift cards
  • Phone bills
  • Motorized vehicles
  • Any pool maintenance or home renovation items
  • Delivery services for food from restaurants
  • Furniture
  • Various other miscellaneous items at the discretion of local passport agencies and/or PassportONE in Toronto

While there are many new allowable expenses there are still a lot of items not covered by Passport funding. There is an appeal process if an expenses is denied, but checking with your CSCN Passport Coordinator or ASA Manager before making a purchase is highly recommended!

Remember, these changes are temporary. The regular program terms and conditions as set out in the “Passport Guidelines” will come back into effect eventually and everyone will be given advanced notice about this.

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