Vision, Mission & Values


Alice Saddy Association envisions a community that welcomes every person equally with respect and acceptance.


  • Actively supports and encourages people who have an intellectual disability to achieve the life that they choose in their community
  • Actively supports community members to understand the need of people with disabilities and their need for inclusion and belonging in all aspects of community life
  • Actively encourages people supported, employees and volunteers to discover their gifts and interests
  • Actively facilitates connections between people and their family and community members by recognizing and fostering relationships



We listen to the wishes and choices of people supported understanding that we all learn and grow differently.


We encourage people to define and choose what makes the ‘good life’ that they want to pursue.


We listen to people supported, family members, community members, volunteers and employees to ensure that the risks associated with community participation are balanced with the benefits of inclusion.


We seek out and discover opportunities within our community to help people we support  build relationships.


We find ways to engage people we support, families, volunteers, employees and community members in learning opportunities that help in understanding the Vision and Mission of the Association.


We support employees and volunteers to grow and we work to create a respectful and healthy work environment.